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The Gild Hall, home of the Ardensingers, is only twelve feet tall. However, with a good backdrop, it can look immense.


The HMS Pinafore drop (140" x 27 feet)...

A Pina.jpg
P4279976.jpg action at Arden, and with the night time  addition of stern lights.


Here it is adapted to the larger venue in Rose Valley.


A sheet of foam core, some graphic artist vellum, dollhouse lights hidden behind wine bottle lead and cellophane, and wiring for a nine volt battery. Note its box under the center stern lamp, and the Velcro strip peeking out. The size of foam core sheets dictated the Victory's size on the backdrop.

A Mik.jpg

The Mikado,140" x 24 feet


A detail , showing what is behind the platform.

                                      The Sorcerer


Adjusted MIKADO backdrop right.jpg

Part of the original rendering, done in proper Japanese style with an ink stone on rice paper.

In process


Getting the rigging right on HMS Victory.

Painting the Tosca first act drop. The test area

for the acrylic gilding mix

was cut out of the arch later.

And thank you, Dallas Opera, for your clever sweatshirt. Illegible translation says

I came, I saw Aida.

The Yeomen drop. Note the nice barn space

I get to use.

A YEOMEN drop.jpg
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