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Christmas shows 

Lots of G&S interspersed with seasonal and period music

The Ardensingers have performed A G&S Christmas Carol, based on Dickens. What happened at the Fezziwigs' party that Scrooge remembers so fondly?

The Fezziwigs' Christmas Party


Well, of course there's Christmas food...

...and other appropriate singing, including The Hallelujah Chorus. With special guests from Mr. Handel's company for the solos.

... with a suitable carol, The Boar's Head...


Father Christmas comes, along with a troupe of Mummers who put on their play.

Christmas at the Tower

What happens to those new couples after The Yeomen of the Guard?


Sergeant Merryll has married Dame Caruthers.  And Phoebe promised to marry Wilfred...

Hint: This is a happy Christmas show.


The Tower has many ghosts, and one of them is Jack Point, who can only be seen by children and fools... and the audience. Wilfred can see him, but not Phoebe and the others.


Even the Lord of Misrule, who is in charge of all the music at this party, can't see him. However, she hears a mysterious third singing line in this ensemble.

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